Design is a conversation

Tell us about your goals and we’ll help you define them.


Initial Visit

Make an appointment & visit our showroom


Concept Sketch

If you have plans already, great! If not we’re happy to create a sketch, chat about architectural options, discuss site conditions, and define your style.

Preliminary Budget

Give us about 15-30 minutes and we’ll give you a rough sense of cost and timing. All we need to chat intelligently about your project is a plan, a sketch (like on the back of a napkin) or a few pictures of your space.

Further Dialogue

We refine the budget and design to reflect your personality.


Concept Review

We review our concept sketches, chat about architectural options, discuss site conditions, and begin to define your style.

Budget Review

Come back to the showroom and we’ll review the projected budget, assess alternatives, and give you a rough overview.


Award us the project & we get to work


Draft Plans

We draft architectural plans and interior elevations, along with 3D concept sketches and color renderings.

Site Measure

When your site is ready we take meticulous measurements to ensure a custom fit that you’ll love for years to come.

Design Strategy

We review your style, create story boards, assess room treatments, colors, and finishes.

Project Details

We discuss your project details at length and refine your goals, chat about design details, and begin architectural planning.

Parts List

The refined design gets converted into a buildable parts list, this creates the refined budget.

Order Samples

Once materials are agreed upon we order custom samples and finishes, or lend you pieces from our library.

Finishes & Accessories

We discuss countertops, hardware, accessories, installation details, finishing touches, and your culinary inventory.

Project Coordination

We work with all relevant parties to gather & document your construction requirements in complete detail.

Sign-Off & Build

Final plans are signed & we begin to build


Custom Finishing

Your assembled pieces are finished in a controlled environment ensuring quality and longevity.

Hand Built

Our craftsmen hand build your cabinets and casework, custom fitting each piece.


We're there every step of the way, making sure the installation goes smoothly. 


Our specially trained team delivers everything to your home, and confirms the parts list.

Relax & Enjoy

We're here to help with questions, maintenance concerns, or anything else that may come up.

Follow Up

We make sure everything meets our expectations and quality standards to ensure you're happy with the final results.